Farmer SmartPhone Scheme Gujarat 2022

Farmer Will Be Able To Buy The Mobile The scheme will be prepared under the Central Government’s Know Your Farmer Scheme. In this scheme, the farmer has to buy a smartphone up to Rs 15,000 as per his choice. Applications for this will be invited on i-portal. If more than one lakh applications are received, it will be drawn and the farmer who will be selected in the draw will be given a mobile phone. The credit for the mobile will be provided by the co-operative bank and its installments will have to be paid by the farmer, but the interest will be Rs. 1500 will be borne by the government. After purchasing the mobile, the bill has to be submitted to the VLC in the gram panchayat.

(2) The District Agriculture Officer shall be the implementing officer for the component of this scheme,

(3) To avail the benefits of this scheme, one has to apply on i-farmer portal. (2) The Taluka Implementing Officer shall maintain a register containing the details of Village Wise Component name, name of the beneficiary, account number, price of the smartphone, amount of assistance, year of giving the benefit etc.,

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(3) The assistance amount of this scheme shall be credited directly to the account of the beneficiary. As well as application form for application, payment of aid and operation etc. Certificate etc. to the Director of Agriculture

To be fixed.

(2). Contact the Director of Agriculture in case of any issue regarding the implementation of this scheme

Will be able to.

(2) The grant of this scheme shall be allotted by the Director of Agriculture to the concerned Nodal Agency – Gujarat State Seed Corporation, Gandhinagar.

(2) The nodal agency for payment of assistance will be Gujarat State Seed Corporation, Gandhinagar,

(10) The concerned Nodal Agency shall send the Certificate of Grant Utilization (UTC) in the prescribed form to the Director of Agriculture, Gandhinagar in time. As well as detailed accounts of expenses incurred including subsidy and audit related work will have to be done. (11) The amount of assistance to the concerned nodal agency ECS as per the prescribed method of payment

Electronic Clearance Service / RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) ell cronellon (12)

Must be credited to the account.

Will also apply for implementation. (12) Interpretation of technical matters if any question arises regarding the implementation of the scheme

The final decision can be made by the Director of Agriculture in consultation with the Secretary Agriculture.

(12). Application form and ancillary forms for implementation of this scheme on i-farmer portal

To be fixed by the Director of Agriculture. (12). Expenses incurred under this sanction are subject to the budgetary provision of that year and the money

To be done within the limits of the grant allotted by the department from time to time.

(12) Subject to the existing rules for the present work, adequate budgetary provision shall be made in the current and next financial year. (13) Expenditure in this regard is fixed by the State Government

As well as in accordance with the provisions of the resolutions / circulars and rules applicable from time to time in the prescribed manner. (13) The principles of financial fairness shall be enforced in respect of the costs incurred in making this approval. (12) Grants allotted under this approval may not be used for any other purpose. Savings amount year

Will have to surrender eventually.

(20) Weapons prescribed under the scheme shall be strictly adhered to. (21) This scheme is to be implemented through DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) system.

The provisions have to be complied with.

(4) For the benefit of the scheme, the GST No of the agency selling the smartphone, as well as the amount of GST paid should be shown for the validity of the smartphone bill.

(2) The basic assistance will be for the purchase of the smartphone only, other accessories for the smartphone such as battery back up device, ear phone, charger etc. may not be included. (2) Smartphone purchase bill within the proposed time frame after the date of implementation of the scheme.

Will have to be presented.

(2) Resolution of the Department of Industry and Mines regarding the processing of tenders for the work presented. Done in the matter of e-tendering as per 31st 2009

Strict adherence to the provisions instructions,

(3) Pursuant to this approval, if any item is to be procured, it shall be in accordance with the prevailing norms and rules of the Government.

(At the end of 3 years, if any savings remain, it has to be returned.

(2). Expenditure of this provision will be incurred during the current financial year.

Know Your Farmer Plan Farmer Will Be Able To Buy The Mobile

  • The government will now provide smart phones to 1 lakh farmers to collect data,
  • Get a loan for 15 thousand phones,
  • The interest will be paid by the government

Farmers will get crop, subsidy, weather information

Know Your Farmer Scheme Farmer Will Be Able To Buy The Mobile : It is difficult to get personal information of a farmer if required. So each farmer will have an account based on his mobile number. All the details of the farmer will be maintained in this account. Whenever any information is required, the account will be prepared on the basis of smart phone so that he can get it directly from the agriculture department immediately. How many farmers planted which crop, how many farmers got subsidy and how many did not, smart things will be given for immediate access to many things like crop oriented, weather message.

ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા અહીં કિલક કરો

Yojna Summary Here:

  • Scheme for Farmer
  • Aid to RS. 15,000/- every Farmer
  • Check to need Document and other Matter

Farmer SmartPhone Scheme Gujarat

Important Link:

Scheme Assistance Matter:

Under the scheme of providing assistance on the smartphone purchased by the farmer, the farmer will be eligible for assistance up to Rs. 15000 / – from the purchase of one smartphone. In which the farmer will be entitled to 10% of the purchase price of the smartphone or Rs. 1500 / – whichever is less. E.g. Any farmer can earn Rs. If he buys a smartphone worth Rs. 500 / – or Rs. 1500 / – whichever is less i.e. Rs. 500 / – is eligible for assistance and if any farmer pays Rs. If he buys a smartphone worth Rs. 15000 / -, he will get Rs. 1500 / – or Rs. 1500 / – whichever is less i.e. Rs. 1500 / – is eligible for assistance.

ow Image smartphone Circular :

General terms and dialects

(1) This scheme shall be implemented in all the districts of the State,

(2) As per the number of one lakh beneficiaries, the target has been set by the Director of Agriculture on district wise pro-rata bases.

How to apply Farmer Will Be Able To Buy The Mobile ?

The application has to be made online at I khedut Portal

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